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Here you can find all of my latest work in cinema, television and theater

You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is

Charles Bukowski
The story of

Ala Dakka

comes from a muslim family. but grew up  in a jewish community his entire life. started as a musician but quickly moved to the cinema and theater business. has been a professional actor in the past seven years with many productions in both television, cinema, and theater. Dakka today is based in Tel Aviv, working as an artist.

the complex way that he grew up in, as a musilm in a jewish community has always been an inspiration to his work. not always as an actor, but also as  a writer, here you can find some of his writings.

Songs and scripts


His first role in small T.V series. first time behind the camera.

starred in several series and films, including the series “Brigade” in the role of Hushash, and the film “Beyond the Mountains and the Hills” in the role of Imad.

starred in the film “Son of David” as Fahd. For this role he was nominated for the Ophir Award for Best Supporting Actor.

played In 2018 he played in the series “Midrasha” in the role of Algai.

Played in several series: in “Muna”, as Rani; In “FMTA”, in the role of Khalil; in “The Good Policeman”, in the role of Ziad

In the third season of “Fauda”, in the role of Bashar Hamdan.

In 2021, the film The Victory Picture starred in the film Avi Nesher.

working in 2 large films, and 2 sreies yet to be released

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